Share your vision with us

Forget about filling out an endless number of inquiry forms online — hoping that you’ll actually hear back from somebody … anybody. Share your vision, details, and budget with us in less than five minutes via our simple online form. This will kickoff the process and help our team identify which vendors are the best option for you.


Review your quotes with 5-star vendors within 3 days

We’ll send you quotes with listings that match your event needs. Each listing will include estimated pricing for location, food, and other services (like AV, private rooms, menus, DJ, etc.), along with reviews, photos, parking details, hours of operation, and minimum requirements. If you have preferred merchants, we will contact them and get their quotes. Basically, we’ll send you everything you could ever possibly need to know to help you make the best selection for your event.


Book your vendors through Plan4event

Before you sign any contracts, you need to know if a vendor can handle your specific event requirements. You need to finalize menus or other services. You also need to know the EXACT amount your event will cost you. We’ll do all the legwork for you, including collecting deposits and creating a payment schedule for all parties so everyone is on the same page.


  To book multiple merchants and venue To book a restaurant or caterer.
Up to 3 quotes of preferred venues or vendors that match your needs. red-arrow red-arrow
Detailed descriptions and pictures of the services and amenities available for your event. red-arrow red-arrow
Customization of services, and quotes comparison. red-arrow red-arrow
Booking, notifications for payments and final updates. red-arrow red-arrow
Optional venue visit set-up. red-arrow  
Final event details with summary of services for all vendors, including seating arrangements and menus red-arrow  
Final payment schedule and contracts for all the vendors. red-arrow  
Additional services for a fee: food pick-up, and set-up (Contact us for details). red-arrow red-arrow
Approximate hours saved 8 - 12 4 - 8
  $195 $65

All services include a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE


When you have these quotes, you can book top vendors — professionals who are highly recommended, competent, and actually responsive (...wouldn’t that be nice?) — in less than 3 days.

  • you don’t have to wait days and days and days for an email or quote
  • you don’t have to wonder if the info you’ve collected is accurate or not
  • you don’t have to hire mediocre service providers (who could cause total chaos)

It’s far too easy to lose dozens of hours of your workday falling deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of search engines, online merchant directories and reviews in search of premium vendors who won’t...

  • screw up your event and embarrass you in front of your colleagues (eek)
  • surprise you with extra charges, gratuities, and hidden fees (seriously?)
  • flake out, show up late, or worse yet — not show up at all (the nerve!)

Calling each vendor independently is not only inefficient and ineffective — it also distracts you from your actual job, daily responsibilities, and urgent projects. Yeah, that stuff.

Our 5-star vendor quotes work...
  • even if you’re not a full-time event planner
  • even if your budget is tiny, like $1K to 5K
  • even if you’ve never ever planned an event before

Maybe you’re a people manager, senior principal, programmer, UX designer, business owner, tech founder, director, executive assistant, office manager, or even a [insert your title here].Doesn’t matter.

The point is that...
  • you were not hired to plan events (this was thrown on your plate)
  • you’re expected to plan a flawless event (despite your intense workload)
  • you can’t hire an event planner (because your budget is teensy-weensy)
  • you might not even like event planning (the entire process drives you mad)
  • you have no idea how many hours are required (because this is all new)

And you hate the fact that even though you already wasted 4 hours of your precious time yesterday — in search of vendors that fit into your budget — you have little to show for it today.

Nada. Zilch. Zippo.

It’s like you’re starting your search from scratch every single day.


...You don’t need an infinite amount of time, previous event planning experience, or a fat budget in order to plan and execute an exceptional event.

You need Plan4event, a new concierge platform that curates vendors in the San Francisco Bay area, based on your budget, your event criteria, your preferences, your vision … and your personality.

Within each of our listings, we organize quotes, pictures, critical info, and fine details from multiple vendors (like the DJ, AV, and catering) so you have an accurate quote for the entire event. Not just a thin slice of it.


Dr. Cordoba Reveals
What’s Included In The Quotes...

“The detailed information I received with the quotes was excellent — it included four different vendor listings, along with their unique requirements, prices, reviews, service and amenity descriptions, response time, and photos.

Not only was the vendor listing incredibly useful, it saved me a ton of time. Probably close to 8 hours of work.”


  • Retreat
  • Workshop
  • Off-site dinner
  • Bootcamp
  • Company meeting
  • Holiday party
  • Networking event
  • Recruitment expo

Or even a happy hour...

Regardless of the type of event, we simplify the chaos — so you don’t have to stress.



“Despite the fact that I didn’t have a large budget for this particular event ($1K), Plan4event provided a wide variety of vendor recommendations...

If I had not used Plan4event, I would have spent several hours visiting websites, submitting requests for info, and following-up. Or I would have had to delegate the task to a virtual assistant and pay for that expense.

I really felt like I had a concierge service vs. an impersonal automated experience. I received the professional feedback and direction I needed, without any pushiness or pressure.”


Every single vendor we share with our clients is the crème de la crème …

These vendors MUST pass our rigorous 5-star certification and embody excellence in the following:

  • Price Reliability

  • Customer Experience

  • Response Time

  • Verification of Services

  • Flexibility and Friendliness


We believe every event — regardless of size and budget — deserves the best vendors, the best experience, and the best service.



If we can’t find vendors that fit within your budget, we won't charge a fee. It’s as simple as that.

If we do additional research for you and communicate back and forth with merchants to customize the quotes, and you don’t end up selecting ANY of the vendors, we discount $30 from our pricing. In such case, you would pay $35 if the quotes only included restaurants or caterers (Basic package), or $165 if the quotes included multiple merchants such as venues, caterers, photographers or others (Virtual Planner package)

Because we want you to feel 100% confident in the service providers we select for you.


Time is your most valuable asset.

And we refuse to see you waste it (...manually searching the Internet for vendor pricing and pertinent info) when we can AUTOMATE the entire vendor acquisition process for you.

Because turning data into simple solutions that can actually solve your biggest problems is WHAT WE DO BEST.


Meet Maria Ragone Brandt
Founder of Plan4event

As the Risk Manager for Checkout at Google, back in 2007, Maria found herself working 12+ hour days managing a growing department, while also spending 10+ hours of her week researching a variety of venues for her upcoming team-building event.

With a Masters in Engineering and Management Systems and a background focused on organizing data at companies like PayPal, Maria was determined to use technology to automate the search process for busy team leaders — leaders who would never consider themselves event planners, despite the fact that they were planning a handful of events throughout the year.

The biggest problem Maria faced…

She couldn't find prices on any of the vendor’s websites. So she had to take time out of her jam-packed schedule to make dozens of phone calls and go back and forth ad nauseum — only to realize the vendors she was contacting were NOT even within her budget.



It’s easy to forget WHY you're planning an event and the value behind creating a unique experience for your colleagues, clients, or community when you’re absolutely STRESSED trying to build something from nothing — with no support, no budget, and no system in place.

With Plan4event, you never have to waste another hour of your time Googling ‘best local restaurant for a group’ or ‘team-building location’ or‘networking venue’ again. We’ll do the work so you can do your work.


"Maria has turned a broken (...and highly frustrating) event acquisition process into a new concierge service that will not only save you time, it will also provide you with vendor options that fit your budget, your preferences, and your personality."


  • How do I know you'll select the best vendors for my event?
    • We personally talk to each vendor to ensure they are reliable (and not loco). We vet them on 5 star criteria: previous customer experiences, quality of the service, quality of the food, fair pricing, availability.
  • What if I don’t choose any of the vendors you provide in the listings?
    • We won't charge for gathering your requirements and providing an initial quote. However, if you don't select any proposal after we communicate back and forth with the vendors and customize your quotes, we can only discount $30 from our fee. You would pay $35 for Basic package, or $165 for Virtual Planner.
  • Can you work with my vendors?
    • Yes, we will contact them and include their proposal, if they accept working with our platform.
  • I’ve already contacted hotels … so what is your added value?
    • We’ll save you time, we’ll alleviate stress, and we’ll provide professional recommendations based on our 5-star system so you know you’re dealing with quality service providers.
  • Are your prices comparable to the ones I get on my own?
    • We make our best effort to ensure the vendor prices are better or equal to what you would get on your own, but cannot guarantee discounts. Our ultimate goal is to help you plan the event and provide the top vendors for you.
  • Once a vendor is booked, can I change details about the event?
    • Most vendors understand that events have last minute changes, and are willing to work with you to ensure your event is a success. We notify you the vendor policies and the deadlines to make changes.
  • Will I be able to negotiate the pricing?
    • Yes. We communicate with you until you are satisfied with the proposal, allowing for a reasonable number of changes. Prices can change if the services change. When vendors give you their quotes, it is based on their current inventory, volume, and a discussion about your needs.
  • Which contract do I sign?
    • You sign the venue or vendor’s contract.
  • Can I choose the menu?
    • Yes. Most restaurants and caterers allow you to make changes or additions to their packages. We coordinate back and forth with you and the vendor, to update the quotes with the latest menu.
  • How do I pay?
    • We send you details about the quotes and an invoice for our fee. Once you select the vendors, we will invoice you for the vendor’s required deposit.

NO MORE wasting hours of your valuable time searching for
the perfect vendor for your event... GET YOUR QUOTES OF 5-STAR VENDORS